About Us

Suzy Orr – Networker of the Year Liverpool Lifestyle Awards 2017

I am a fifty something woman, I live near Chorley in Lancashire, and am married with a daughter, three stepdaughters and a stepson.  After almost 30 years working in very male dominated industries, IT and Telecoms, I currently help my husband Ronnie, run our family UPVC business, Windoworld.  I founded  Unique Ladies Networking after missing the networking element of my career, over coffee with a friend, who suggested I should organize my own network!

At the time I’d networked for years, however I’d become disenchanted with the business networks available locally to me. My vision was a network which didn’t cost the earth,  didn’t put you under pressure to either provide leads, or expect you to present to a huge room of strangers, in addition I wanted a location which was easy to get to, had great parking and felt comfortable.  During my time mixed networking, It became apparent that there was a gap in the market for a “Women Only” network, still a minority group, one which encouraged, inspired and supported women in business.  With that in mind in March 2015 Unique Ladies Networking was launched in Lancashire.

The format worked.  Not long afterwards I was approached by some ladies from Bolton, asking if I’d do the same for them.  Unique Ladies Bolton launched in September 2015, followed by Unique Ladies Manchester/Media City/Salford in January 2016. Our third group is all set to launch in Preston on 15th September 2016.

Not wanting to risk spreading myself too thinly, in January 2017, when our 4th group starts in Liverpool, I will be running the four groups over alternate months.  I am also in discussions about other collaborations to bring this format and a mixed group to a wider audience.

Conquering the world with Unique Ladies!