Event Dates


Our Unique Ladies Networking events are held once a month, at all of our locations on varying dates, Manchester is usually the first Friday, Bolton the 2nd Friday and Preston the third Thursday, but these dates are subject to change.   See the dates below for our events.

We take a break from networking during July and August but will be back at the same venues in September.  We also skip December, in favour of a Ladies Christmas Lunch,  but have confirmed dates throughout 2018 so be sure to check them out.


2nd February * 2nd March * 6th April * 4th May * 1st June * 7th September * 5th October * 2nd November


19th January * 9th February * 9th March * 6th April * 8th June * 7th September * 12th October * 9th November


18th January * 15th February * 15th March * 12th April * 10th May * 14th June * 13th September * 18th October * 15th November


26th January * 16th February * 23rd March * 20th April * 4th May * 22nd June * 21st September * 19th October * 23rd November


Instead of our usual June slot, we are supporting a charity Ascot Ladies day in Preston on 21st   ….. more details to follow

Click here to visit our booking page to book your place as a Unique lady.