Unique Ladies Testimonials

“Unique Ladies was recommended to me by a friend and I’m delighted I listened to her! I’ve been to both the Manchester and the Bolton events and had the same warm welcome at both. I love the format: from the initial networking coffee where I get the opportunity to chat to everyone who is there, then sitting with a group of 7 other women and learning more about each one of them individually, through to the inspirational speakers.

I come away feeling supported, motivated and inspired. Running my own entrepreneurial business can feel lonely at times and at Unique Ladies I feel part of a team. I feel part of a group of women all ‘raising our boats’ together. I’ve also had business from it, so it’s ticked all the boxes a great networking group should do! “(July 2016)


“I am a fairly new member of Unique Ladies as I write this but have to say I immediately felt at home and very much welcomed not only by Suzy but all the ladies who were in attendance at my first meeting. I love the relaxed atmosphere of the meetings and there is a great mix of ages and professions amongst the members. I feel I will be attending many many more meetings and look forward to spending more time in the company of such wonderful people.” (June 2016)


“What a vibrant and welcoming coming together of dynamic working women, under the amazing umbrella of Suzy Orr, whose passion and drive is second to none.” (May 2106)

“Suzy Orr is indisputably the Queen of Networking. I met her in September 2014 at my first foray into that World. She welcomed me in, introduced me to people I needed to know and, when I set up a network to support a charity I was developing, she invited people to help grow the network and attended every time. Her support for charity is a credit to her and to her husband, Ronnie. Unique ladies is indeed unique – because she leads it! The women in business who attend are all inspiring, creative and supportive; because that is the type of person she draws to her. People leave the events energised and encouraged by the speakers and the ethos and by Suzy, herself!” (May 2016)

“Unique Ladies are by far the best networking meetings I have ever been to. Suzy manages to bring together a wonderful mix of like-minded fabulous ladies in a relaxed but very productive format. I have had lots of new business from these meetings and have also bought from people I have met through Unique Ladies – as well as meeting many wonderful and inspirational ladies!”

“Unique Ladies networking was onto a winner from the start with its blend of inspirational speakers and opportunities to network meaningfully with other businesswomen.  Right from the first meeting, I’ve found this formula – fuelled by Suzy Orr’s drive and enthusiasm – an enjoyable and effective way to make useful business contacts and positive relationships.  In fact, the results are “unique” all round!”

“I met Suzy by accident at a networking event I’d been talked in to attending at short notice. We had a very brief chat and swapped business cards. The rest, as they say, is history! I hadn’t even got home before I’d received a call from Suzy and several calls from her friends too. Yes, Suzy knows how to network. However, there’s something much more special about how she brings business women together. When she invited me to attend her own network (Unique Ladies) I didn’t think twice. Suzy’s networking events differ from other networks firstly because they’re extremely well attended (on average 40+ women at each event) and she doesn’t charge a hefty ‘membership fee’. As each group only meets once per month, the commitment fits in neatly with running a business and you aren’t struggling to fit networking in every week. The events include two speakers and three shots of time to network freely. She goes out of her way to make sure that each member is seated next to someone new at every event. Suzy makes networking really effective for her members, and for that I’m truly grateful. I’ve since cancelled all of my networking groups except UL because, like all business expenses, the test is return on investment. I get much more than my investment back from attending UL. I’m part of a strong network of business women who actively encourage and support each other. We aren’t forced to make referrals, instead we’re talking freely about the fantastic business owners that we know.”

“I met Suzy last year officially at a networking event. I was taken to the event by two ladies whom I hold in high regard and who like to call my ‘Business Mentors’ I value and respect their opinions. They told me just what an amazing lady she was and wanted me to meet her to continue to help me and my business grow. I was looking for a business networking group where I could feel relaxed and comfortable whilst meeting with like minded supportive businesswomen.  As we all know there are many business networking groups out there that feel very formal and almost all about signing up to a long term (expensive) membership as soon as arrive!! It was such a relief to find this was not the case with Unique Ladies Networking at all and only £15 once a month payable and booked easily online ahead of the meeting!  Networking is about meeting people who are all willing to help and support each other in my mind . Unique Ladies Networking invite guest speakers with such diversity in various businesses and offer ladies interesting funny, thought provoking and in some cases life changing ideas. Suzy has a wealth of experience in business and huge database of business contacts. Her speed at getting information and link ups with people is very impressive too. Last week I happened to mention I needed a Spanish Tutor for my son I had been searching for weeks on various websites. Within 24 hours I had a contact and we now have a lovely local lady who teaches him once a week. I have since supported Suzy at her events in both Bolton and Media City and will continue to do so in the future.”